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We design, develop, and deploy high-impact AI applications to transform your operations and achieve desired results.

What is AI software development?

We build digital solutions and software applications that leverage the power of machine learning and intelligent algorithms. AI software can automate tasks, analyze vast amounts of data, and learn and adapt over time, bringing significant advantages to businesses across industries.

How we can help

We embrace the power of AI in transforming the digital landscape and use it for various businesses across different industries.

Custom AI application development

We build tailored AI applications that solve your specific business challenges.

AI-powered customer support

With our chatbot, your team can handle customers’ inquiries effortlessly.

Data management

Our AI models provide predictive insights and help you process large amounts of data efficiently.

Integration of AI into existing software

Integrate AI functionalities into your existing software infrastructure to enhance your workflow and operate at full capacity.

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants

Improve customer engagement and streamline support with intelligent chatbots that understand natural language.

Machine learning algorithms for data analysis and prediction

Machine learning solutions enhance your data processing capabilities, providing valuable insights to make informed decisions.
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Benefits of AI

Open up to innovation and experience all the advantages of AI-powered solutions.

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Increased efficiency and productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and free your human workforce to focus on higher-level cognitive tasks.

Improved decision-making

Gain data-driven insights and predictive analytics to make informed business decisions that optimize outcomes.

Enhanced customer experience

Offer personalized experiences and 24/7 support with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants.

Cost reduction

Automate processes, optimize resource allocation, and minimize human error to achieve significant cost savings.

AI/ML solutions case studies

Our team is excited to adopt AI/ML solutions in our projects. Look at the completed works and wait till we present what’s coming soon.
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Our competences

We constantly develop our tech expertise in all possible ways to fulfill our craving for utmost innovation and efficiency.


Our team works with foundational AI concepts, such as machine learning algorithms, data analytics, and AI ethics, to build sophisticated and ethical AI solutions.

Neural networks

We develop and apply neural networks, convolutional and recurrent models, and more to solve complex problems and interpret vast datasets effectively.

Deep learning frameworks

With expertise in leading deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, we efficiently develop and refine cutting-edge AI models for various applications.
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Deployment toolkits

Using tools like Docker and Kubernetes, we deploy AI models seamlessly, ensuring scalability and reliability in production environments.
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Other AI tools

With the growing demand for AI-empowered solutions, we use a wide range of AI tools and technologies, including data preprocessing, natural language processing libraries, and more.
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Our AI/ML solutions process

We’ve enhanced our workflow with the years passing. 
Learn more about our step-by-step approach to AI/ML solutions integration.
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Discover and estimate

We start by closely learning your business requirements, defining what technical solutions suit you best, and providing you with a detailed plan of work scope.
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Design and prototype

We present you with a vision of your future product with basic features so that you can make adjustments and define the course of future development.
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Our team of relevant specialists works on the technical implementation of the project, using cutting-edge technologies.
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We do automation and manual testing to ensure every feature works properly and the product can perform to its full potential.
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We are ready to release the product only after we are satisfied with its usability, security compliance, and reliability.
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Our team is keeping up with the product’s performance after the launch to forecast and prevent any technical issues and urgently react if something goes wrong.

Our customer review

We've worked with startups and enterprises – look what they have to say about us!
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Angel Marinov | Head of Innovation at ePlaneAI
“Idealogic delivered on-time updates on the app's progress weekly and provided prompt solutions for new requirements. The team showed impressive commitment to the project's success and was helpful in aspects beyond technical. They were deeply interested in the product from the beginning..”

Angel Marinov

Head of Innovation at ePlaneAI

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