UI/UX design

We work on designs for software applications, tools, platforms, etc., ensuring immersive experiences and responsive interfaces that align with functionality.

We also have a separate design studio for product design development! Check it out.

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our UI/UX expertise

We work with various design requests to take your digital presence to the next level. Learn more about our capabilities.

Mobile UI/UX design

We design and present visually appealing and intuitive solutions for mobile applications that align with various screen types and devices.

Web UI/UX design

Our team delivers user-centric web interfaces to enhance your digital presence and ensure accessibility and increased online engagement.

UX audit & CRO

We conduct a comprehensive UX Audit to detect weak moments in usability and improve user journeys, increasing conversion rates and overall performance.


With our designed prototypes, you can get a tangible preview of your product’s functionality and user experience to streamline the development process.

Product videos

We provide comprehensible videos that effectively communicate features, benefits, and value propositions to engage users with your product or service.

Dashboard visualization

We transform complex data into visually compelling narratives, enabling you to clearly communicate key messages and make informed decisions.

Why choose our expertise
of UI/UX design?

We focus on continuous improvement and learning. That, combined with years of experience, makes our services stand out.

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Adaptability and innovation
Our team follows the market trends to incorporate the best features and technologies into our projects.
Training and certifications
We value education and encourage our employees to take the necessary courses by providing compensation.
Security and data protection
At Idealogic, we make a great deal of complying with all the necessary security requirements and guidelines.
Various complexity
Our team does not hesitate to take on projects that require a unique and complex approach and specific knowledge.
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Discover the impact of our successful projects in web and mobile app development, blockchain implementation, and artificial intelligence. Dive into our case studies to witness firsthand our expertise across various industries.
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Our UI/UX design process

We’ve enhanced our workflow with the years passing. Learn more about our step-by-step approach to UI/UX design.
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Research and discovery

We start by gathering information about target audiences' preferences and behavior to enable a user-centric approach to the design process.


Our team creates simplified, structural blueprints of a design to outline the layout and functionality, providing a visual guide before moving into detailed visual design.

Design ideation

We develop concepts and visual elements, ensuring they align with the business objectives and users needs discovered during the research phase.

Prototyping and testing

Prototyping is the iterative process to test the usability of the product and design effectiveness before finally implementing it.

Finalization and handoff

We refine our designs and prepare detailed specifications for the development team to ensure a smooth transition from design to development.
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Viktor Zhytomyrskyi

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Head of design department
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Viktor Zhytomyrskyi | Head of design department
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Implementing an iterative
approach to designs
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