Data science services

Idealogic implements advanced artificial intelligence solutions and provides data science consulting to endorse your data-driven decision-making, helping you with strategic goals.

What are big data analytics services?

Our team develops custom machine learning models to deliver enhanced cloud-based data science solutions for you. With our tailored approach, the benefits of using data science in your business are numerous, as it simplifies collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and interpreting data.
What Are Big Data Analytics Services?

How we can help

Our machine learning development for data science services includes various types of data processing that streamline operations and allow your team to concentrate on strategic tasks.
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Data collection and acquisition

We help you gather data from various sources, ensuring data quality and accuracy.
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Data cleaning and preprocessing

Clean and prepare your raw data for analysis, handling missing values, inconsistencies, and outliers.
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Exploratory data analysis (EDA)

Gain initial insights from your data through statistical analysis and visualization techniques.
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Advanced data analytics

Employ advanced techniques like machine learning, deep learning, and statistical modeling to uncover hidden patterns and trends.
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Data visualization

Create compelling data visualizations that effectively communicate insights to both technical and non-technical audiences.
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Data science consulting

Partner with us to define your data analysis goals, choose the right methods, and translate insights into actionable strategies.
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Solid data foundation for your business model

We offer you to look behind the curtains and learn more about our dedication to delivering you the best solutions for data management.

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Neural networks and deep learning
Our expert team uses the latest technologies to deliver data science models for accurate forecasting, fraud detection, speech recognition solutions, and more.
Data transformation
Restructure your data effortlessly and draw insights from it, using the tools enhanced with our artificial intelligence solutions to operate at high capacity.
BI and visualizations
We provide you with customized tools to enable you to analyze your data with ease and convenience.
Machine learning
Our team can consult you on best-suited ML solutions for your business needs and deliver data science solutions enabled by AI to simplify your data management.
Natural language processing
Recognize and process customers’ input, no matter the format or complexity.
Cloud environments
Our cloud-based data science solutions are a game changer for your business, enabling scalability, innovation, safety, and cost-effectiveness.
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Delivering data science solutions across business cases

Discover the variety and complexity of our data science solutions, or surprise us with your unique idea. Anyway, we are ready to start working with you.

AI language models

Recommendation systems

Predictive analytics

Customer analytics and personalization

Embedded operational intelligence

Optical character recognition

Meet Our will be happy to discuss the details of your project!

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Success stories of data science projects

Please look at the results of our data science services and go for AI & ML-enabled solutions for your business. Let’s work together.
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Benefits of data science services

Dive in and learn more about the advantages of implementing data science solutions into your business model.

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Strategy and Consulting

Idealogic’s team consists of experienced members who can advise you on data science services and tech stack best suited for your business needs, reshape your strategy to meet market demands, or estimate your project for you to plan the budget accordingly.
  • Data science consulting
  • Machine learning consulting
  • Business case analysis
  • Project planning
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Data Engineering

We help you establish high-performance infrastructure or update your existing one to ensure informed decision-making. Our team works with your initial processes to define the patterns for model development and ensure a smooth transition to advanced data management
  • Optimization of database and data warehouse platforms
  • Platform migration
  • Data discovery and augmentation
  • ETL pipeline development
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Solution Development

With our experienced machine learning engineers, you get trained and validated AI-based models they deploy in a tailored app designed to meet your objectives. Following the ModelOps approach, we initiate a continuous operational cycle leading to high-quality model production.
  • Collection and exploration
  • Custom model development
  • Model training and evaluation
  • Data science app development
Real estate solutions

Maintenance and Optimization

We aim to establish the models that would work in the long-term perspective. Our team monitors their performance to detect both bugs and room for improvement. We value your investment in data analytics solutions and build models to address evolving challenges.
  • Model performance monitoring
  • Data consistency analysis
  • Model enrichment
  • Stability monitoring and drift prevention
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How to start

Before you start working with us, let's explain how we approach each project. We try to anticipate all possible challenges and ensure a high-quality user experience. Here's how our collaboration works.


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Technologies and tools we use

To empower your business

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Our customer review

We've worked with startups and enterprises – look what they have to say about us!
Awards winning project
Denis Murphy | CEO at Brand Nudge
“As the co-founder of our platform, I'm immensely proud of our data science project's success in mapping data across diverse companies and retailers. This initiative has not only enhanced our understanding of market dynamics but also empowered our partners with actionable insights, driving both innovation and customer satisfaction to new heights.”

Denis Murphy

CEO at Brand Nudge

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