SeedBox | Seedbox – a custom DeFi ecosystem for a crypto venture investment company


Seedbox – a custom DeFi ecosystem for a crypto venture investment company

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Seedbox, a team of investors and crypto enthusiasts, embarked on an ambitious project to revolutionize initial venture investments in the crypto market. Idealogic, a custom software development company, helped them to evolve the vision of a DeFi ecosystem that facilitates zero-day coin launch investments and offers a transparent and straightforward service for clients. We turned this concept into reality, leveraging our expertise in blockchain technology and financial platforms

Business challenges

To bring Seedbox's ambitious idea to life, we’ve started with the analysis of the go-to-market strategy we got from the Seedbox team, utilizing our team's extensive experience in crypto investments to position Seedbox uniquely in the highly competitive and volatile crypto market. Then we proceeded with the other aspects

Comprehensive Platform Development

We had to develop a platform that supports investments in both FIAT and cryptocurrencies, providing individual wallets for venture investments.

Regulatory Compliance and Security

Our task was to ensure the platform meets stringent security and regulatory requirements, particularly concerning KYC processes

User Experience and Engagement

We needed to consider varying levels of investor expertise while designing an intuitive and engaging user interface


Our approach was a mix of deep technical expertise and prioritizing collaborative processes within the internal team as well as with Seedbox’s representatives to be on the same page during the development phase

Collaborative Product Development

Idealogic and Seedbox worked closely from the initial stages, developing a Product Requirement Document with inputs from business analysts, product architects, and our VP of Engineering, Artem Zaitsev

Customized User Experiences

We designed the platform to cater to diverse user needs, including a landing page, user profiles, KYC tools, real-time asset status, and a dynamic pool list of crypto coins for investmen

Advanced Technology Integration

Our development team leveraged cutting-edge technologies such as Ethers.js, Web3.js, Redis, React.js, Solidity, Adonis, and PostgreSQL to build a secure and scalable DeFi platform

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The collaborative effort resulted in the launch of an MVP that received positive feedback from the target audience. Key features such as client tiers, a loyalty point system, a referral system, and governance functionalities were integrated, enhancing user engagement and retention. This foundation allowed Seedbox to expand its ecosystem, integrating additional features to create a comprehensive and closed ecosystem with high remarketing potential


The partnership between Seedbox and Idealogic shows the power of collaboration, innovative technology, and strategic planning in the creation of a groundbreaking DeFi ecosystem. By addressing key business challenges with tailored solutions, the Idealogic team was able to deliver a platform that meets the needs of today's crypto investors and paves the way for future innovations in the crypto venture investment space

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